Textile Working

Beatrice Harnish (Mason)
Medium(s) used: I recycle old jersey clothing.

I was born in East River Point, NS in 1944. I was taught at a very early age how to Hook rugs, Quilt, Sew,Knit, Etc. Thanks belongs to my Mother,Eileen Harnish(Jollimore), ...
Germaine Clothier

Germaine Clothier creates suttle mats, tote bags, table cloths, and othe sewn items ...
Hilary McCarron
Medium(s) used: Wool, Crochet cotton, Floss
Hilda Cleveland
Medium(s) used: Material and burlap

Hilda started rug hooking at age eleven (1944) and was taught by her mother. Back then rug hooking was bartered for household goods. Later Hilda hooked ...
Mona Boutilier
Medium(s) used: cotton and regular batting

I studied jewelry at NSCA with Ms. Nora Gorman. Iwent to New Jersey and studied mold making, casting, making procelin flowers etc.
I do knitting ...
Myrna Reeves
Medium(s) used: Cotton print, velvet, woven wool

What I do now started at my great Aunt Aliza's Knee. She taught me traditional crafts such as; quilting, hooking, braiding, cross stitching, knitting, ...
Paul C. Hogue
Medium(s) used: wool or burlap
Paulette Barkhouse
Medium(s) used: Burlap and used acrylics and sometimes a little wool

I took up hooking about ten years ago. I taight myself, but my mother hooked rugs when I was a little girl. I never dreamed I would hook rugs one day, but I do, ...
Slipcovers etc. by Jill
Artist / Artisan Name (if different from above): Jill Keddy
Medium(s) used: fabric, textiles

Slipcovers etc. by Jill started in 1998. Jill Keddy, owner/seamstress, is self-taught. Specialities are custom-fitted slip covers for sofas, chairs ...
Susan Lord
Medium(s) used: wool, wool fibre

Susan lives in Blandford and started hooking after she retired in 2003.

When she was a child, many homes had a large hooked mat by the front ...
Yvonne M. Hennigar
Medium(s) used: Wool, Burlap

Yvonne Mason- Hennigar was exposed to rug hooking at her faternal grandmothers home on Big Tancook Island. Functional floor coverings were created ...