Morash, Douglas Eugene

Sex: Male
Birth Date/Place: . Aug.6, 1885 in Chester
Death Date/Place: 1975
  • Painting
  • Woodworking

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Information garnered from family, friends

Douglas lived in Chester all his life except when at 12 he lost his father and brother at sea and went to live with an uncle in Boston, where he later became a machinist. In his early 20's he returned to Chester, married, built a home on Pig Loop Road and started his business making toys, wagons and dog sleds. He designed and made his own tools. All were powered by one stationary Hawboldt engine attached to belts and pulleys throughout his workshop. The shop was never neat, in contrast to the man who always wore a shirt and tie with arm bands. Nothing was wasted! Left over wood was used in small projects or burned for heat. The upstairs was used for finishing and staining because it had plenty of natural light. Carved pieces were done by hand, often at the kitchen table after supper or through the winter. Customers often requested reproductions or replacements for a broken piece from a set. He used potash to age the wood and became poisoned as a result. This caused breathing problems throughout his life. He crafted furniture for local residents and summer visitors. His furniture and panels decorate many summer homes and were often shipped away. He made his own dyes, stains and glues depending of the wood. He frequently used mahogany which came by train. It entered the shop by hatches designed for that purpose.

  • Douglas was :a machinist.
  • He built wagons
  • He constructed children's movable toys
  • He was a furniture maker
  • He  made his own dyes
  • He was also a designer
  • He made  reproductions of furniture from pictures
  • He  repaired  antiques
  • He made the  wood carvings  used in  his furniture
  • He carved pictures copied from a calendar for pleasure and family gifts
  • He painted  local scenes for pleasure