Scott, Paula Hale Pearson

Sex: Female
Birth Date/Place: 1919, New Mexico
Death Date/Place: 27 August 2007, Chester
  • Textile Working

Paula was born in 1919 in New Mexico, the daughter of Ralph M. Pearson and Margaret Hale. She was married to novelist and senior U.S. State Department Executive, Creighton S. Scott, and was widowed in 1965. Paula died August 27, 2007, after a lengthy illness, in Shoreham Village Home, Chester, at the age of 88.

In 1981 she was included in the Nova Scotia Designer Craftsmen exhibit and catalogue "Profile '81".  Paula Scott was listed as a "full time craftsman, largely self-taught.  Exhibited NSDC 1974-79, Mt. St. Vincent Art Gallery, Artisan '78."

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