Barkhouse, Murry Earle

profile_Murry Barkhouse
Sex: Male
Birth Date/Place: June 12, 1910, Chester, NS
Death Date/Place: September 27, 1985, Chester, NS
  • Drawing
  • Painting

Murry was born in Chester, the son of A. Ralph and Susie Zinck Barkhouse. He completed a two-year course in Commercial Art Studies at the Vesper George School of Art, Boston, MA in 1932.  He enlisted in the Canadian Army and served with the Second Fortress Engineers as a Sergeant from 1939-1946.  He was based in Halifax and was commissioned to draw camouflage sketches of local forticiations and posters for Canada Savings Bonds. 

After the War, Murry studied Advanced Painting and Drawing at the Nova Scotia College of Art.  A catalogue produced by the Nova Scotia Society of Artists for their 24th annual exhibition (March 27-April 2, 1950) lists Murry as an exhibitor, along with other contemporaries such as Mabel Day, William deGarther and Joseph Purcell.

Murry was the owner and manager of the Warp and Woof Gift Shop from 1946-1971.  He sketched and painted merchandise for the shop including lampshades, milk stools, baskets, village maps, match box covers and bridge tally cards. In addition to retailing, Murry was one of Chester's earliest real estate agents specializing in summer rental properties.

In the winter season when shops were closed and summer residents had departed, Murry enjoyed travelling.  He took hundreds of slides on his trips to Europe, Africa, South and Central America and the Caribbean.

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