Artists & Artisans

D. Gwen Dueck

Medium(s) used: acrylic on canvas
8 Freda's Pt. Ext.
B0J 1J0

Phone: 902-275-3633

Where People May Buy the Items: at above address

Willing to provide training: Maybe willing to provide training

Recommended supplier of materials: Stevenson Paints, Toronto

I worked in the financial world in Toronto and New York city and in 1995, moved to Nova Scotia. I picked up a paint brush in 2004 and started showing first in our Gallery (at the Warp & Woof) and then in various other galleries and group shows.
I paint in acrylic on canvas, primarily abstract expressionism. I also paint landscapes and figurative subjects.
Abstract art is often not readily understood. It does not have identifiable subjects, but rather shapes and colour are its defining elements. These elements are the way power, rhythm, grace, and above all, energy are brought o the work and expressed in the work.
Upon openly viewing an abstract piece (ie., without looking for specific subjects or symbols), a viewer will discover emotion, perhaps memories, or see a story or narrative. It is a worthwhile challenge and will be a wonderful discovery.
I believe art is important. It enriches, explains, expresses and enlivens artists and art appreciators