Artists & Artisans

Myrna Reeves

Medium(s) used: Cotton print, velvet, woven wool
Phone: 531-2371

Where People May Buy the Items: 17 Madison ave, Martin's Point

Willing to provide training: Willing to provide training

Recommended supplier of materials: Atlantic Fabrics, Frenchy's

What I do now started at my great Aunt Aliza's Knee. She taught me traditional crafts such as; quilting, hooking, braiding, cross stitching, knitting, crocheting, patchwork, making dollar mats and biscuit cushions. Although I'm no expert I'm any of the above, I have won numerous awards including Best in Show at Maritime Fall Fair for my "spectrum" braided rug. Because of this I was invited to be a participant in the "At Grandmother's Knee" project. My main interest is passing on "endangered" crafts. I'm particularly intersted in demonstrating the making of these to young folks.