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Artifacts in Clay

Medium(s) used: Clay
4138 Highway #3
B0J 1J0

Phone: (902) 275-4271

Where People May Buy the Items: Artifacts in Clay, Chester. Please contact us for retailers outside the Chester area.

The production pottery that I design is both functional and representational. My goal with this work is to entice people to contemplate both nature and human skill and intenuity. Interaction with functional objects can help to trigger the engagement that I wish to foster.
Our sculptures are intended to remind people of rejuvenating experiences at the shore or in the forest. Beyond this, those that encounter our work may consider how ancient these natural living forms are. This can help expand the context that we consider ourselves in. The forms express intriguing patterns. These patterns are rich in metaphors for the ways that we grow, and share features with mathematical structures found in music and a proof of infinity. I am grateful to have found a way to put nature forward in the work that I do,