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Medium(s) used: I am an art conservator/restorer, specializing in paintings and the care of entire art collections. I repair oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and b
Phone: 902-446-0826

Where People May Buy the Items: I provide conservation/restoration in the Halifax area and archival services throughout Atlantic Canada and North America.

Recommended supplier of materials: Carr-McLean: Please note, however, that not all materials available are archival in all circumstances.

I gained a sound understanding of the principles of art preservation by earning a masters degree in Art Conservation at Queen’s University, Kingston, ON. Since then, I have honed my skills through 12 years of experience in museums and private conservation laboratories across North America. My goal is to preserve art and family treasures for the appreciation of future generations.

The appearance of a painting or entire art collection may change over time, as the result of dust and grime accumulation, varnish discoloration or fading of color. Art may suffer damage as a result of mishandling, poor storage or environmental disasters (floods, fires, mold, pests, etc.). Damage can include tears, holes, stains, paint loss and buckling.

Fortunately, many types of deterioration and damage can be stabilized. A trained conservator can advise on the best and safest ways to solve these problems, adding life and beauty to the artwork.

If you are looking to downsize or consolidate your estate and plan for the future, a conservator is an ideal choice for helping you organize and maintain your collection. This includes identifying archival solutions for storage that fit within your budget, as well as meaningful record-keeping. Not only are the individual art objects in your collection important, but the way in which you acquire, enjoy and care for them is also important and a reflection of you and your legacy.