Artifacts in Wood
Artist / Artisan Name (if different from above): David Chaplin-Saunders
Medium(s) used: I work primarily with hardwoods both domestic and imported as well as local softwood.

I have been designing and building furniture and cabinets for 25 years, the last 18 of those years in Chester. My designs draw on historical precedents ...
Brad Hamm
Medium(s) used: Wood Carving, Oil Painting, Guitarist

Brad Hamm is a local artist: born and raised on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

As a young child, he could always be found with a pencil in ...
Capt. Gerald L. Stevens
Medium(s) used: Wood

Gerald Stevens was born on Big Tancook. He moved to Chester with his family and at the age of 18 made his first model and had his uncle build the 28 foot sloop. ...
Steve McCarron
Medium(s) used: Hardwoods, maple, birch, oak, walnut, recycled wood, pine